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Founder of The Shatnez Method

THE SHATNEZ METHOD is an innovative practical technique to scale up team building and increase trust among stakeholders, to expand perspectives of the participants’ unique values in order to ignite fresh insight into what makes them stand out. This leads to increased productivity in all areas of life and retains employees.

The model of SHATNEZ is composed of 7 steps below to align with your frequency:

S — Strategic planning and style
H — cHutzpah, audacity, courage, lionhearted
A — Authenticity and trust. "Talk the talk walk the walk"
T — Tenacity 

N — Networking (the fourth circle of your networking)

E — Empathy

Z — Zealous

It is a journey that incorporates the external: textures, clothes, shoes you are wearing—literally metaphor for empathy: "walk a mile in someone else's shoes." 

All of the above pertains to your personal branding, and/or the organization's branding.


This aspect of the external merges in The Shatnez Method with the internal: personal story, your text, the “Why” in order to produce Outstanding Performance in Outstanding Outfits, and maximization of potential in personal life and career. 

As you go through the 7 steps, you will be able to differentiate yourself and gain new perspectives about the connection between your branding (whether as an individual or an organization) and your storytelling. The process deepens connectivity to your motives and behavior patterns. As a result, your performance will be updated to the current and ever-evolving world in which we are living.

Throughout the process, you will acquire rhetorical tools to update your storytelling. You will benefit from my academic training, including a Ph.D. specializing in the era that established some of the main ideas that shape our understanding of rhetoric today. In addition, I am using my experience as an NLP (Nero-Linguistic Programming) certified therapist.

THE SHATNEZ METHOD catalyzes the untangling of limiting belief systems. It opens new horizons.

As a result, the following outcomes include:
• Acquiring tools and strategies for upgrading the overall performance in career and personal life
• An increased sense of belonging and purpose
• Increased sense of joy
• Retaining of employees

• Enhancing team building and trust among stakeholders

I work individually or in groups (retreats) at the corporate level, with executives, organizations, and educators, to practice THE SHATNEZ METHOD.

The Shatnez Method

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Gila Aloni
Founder | Creator | Educator

Tel: +1.305.776.5418

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