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Consultant in Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging (DEI&B) Training Programs 

Using my Harvard University education on this subject, my intercultural competence in diverse settings, and my experience as a published researcher, author, and essayist on groups that are distinguished from the dominant ideology, my company offers services that implement DEI&B strategy.

Within this capacity, I work together with stakeholders to align the organization’s efforts across their related sectors to foster an inclusive climate. As a published researcher on minorities and marginal underrepresented groups, I analyze data that assesses the organization’s status on issues such as Affinity-Bias. Based on the findings of the assessments, I design work practices that more effectively leverage the employee's potential and Talent Review. I use my experience as a curriculum designer over the last 25 years in order to build programs that improve the culture of the workplace and uproot unconscious bias. I also develop training that prompts a courageous discourse based on equity and inclusion. As a result:

  • Teamwork and visibility of all members of the organization improves

  • Productivity and creativity go up

  • The sense of belonging to the workplace increases

  • Heightening employee engagement and joy

  • Amelioration of employees retainment

In 2000 I published my first book “Women, Power and Authority” (Publications de l'Association des Médiévistes Anglicistes de l'Enseignement Supérieur. University of Paris Press). My publications and presentations include a book, 15+ articles, and book chapters, plus 50+ international conference presentations. In the last 25 years, I have given talks on issues related to:

  • Identifying limiting belief systems and counteracting unconscious bias

  • Debunking myths

  • Gender stereotypes 

  • The culture of inter-cultural enterprises

  • Education 

Click to read about myself and DEI&B in a recent Forbes interview.

Within this capacity, I have been among the founders of DEI&B in the renowned preparatory Ransom Everglades Upper School (est. 1903), preparing future leaders to spearhead a more diverse and inclusive environment.  

Literally speaking, the environment also includes "nature" and the species that inhabit our world. I currently advise the Israel Nature & Heritage Foundation of America (INHFA). My focus is to bring together diverse people in the world who have a sense of belonging to heritage sites and Nature in the Holy Land. As the only philanthropic organization that focuses on the future of Israel’s unique nature and heritage, INHFA's three main goals are three folds: Nature conservation; Preservation of Israel’s heritage sites; Democratizing access to nature and heritage.

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Gila Aloni
Founder | Creator | Educator

Tel: +1.305.776.5418

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