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Multidisciplinary Experience

A doctorate degree from the Sorbonne University in Paris with the highest distinction (summa cum laude). Author of the book “Power and Authority,” as well as the holder of BA and MA degrees from Tel-Aviv University with high distinction.

Certified by Harvard University Graduate School of Education in Diversity Equity and Inclusion. My multilingual skills (English, French, Hebrew, Spanish), allow me to serve as a leading speaker at universities around the world on women, racism, and multiculturalism. My articles in the field of rhetoric, myths, and changes from limiting to empowering beliefs appear in internationally acclaimed peer-reviewed journals. I am the founder of The Shatnez Method: a strategic technic for outstanding performance and acquisition of a new perspective of your unique value either as an individual or as an organization.   

A published author of books, articles, journals, and newspaper articles, and a professional public- speaker.

I am a curious critical thinker, problem solver, and a creative, passionate, and truthful individual with the highest level of work ethic and loyalty. As a catalyzer, I am deeply committed to my role as a leader and manager of accelerated complex changes that produce inclusive communities, greater engagement, and diversity in workplaces.

Gila Aloni Experience


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Gila Aloni
Founder | Creator | Educator

Tel: +1.305.776.5418

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