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The College App Doctor + English Tutoring

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As The College App Doctor, I use my expertise to help students find the best match for the college or university of their choice and achieve the best version of their college essay and the application process.

I also help establish the foundation for writing from a younger age. When kids learn how to write and think critically in elementary school and middle school, the path to high school and a college application is smoother. 

Learning how to use the English language in the most efficient way and knowing how to write effectively is a LIFE SKILL.


The combination of 5 elements makes me effective in the college application process: 

1. I have the skills, experience, and ability to help students write a unique essay that stands out and work with them to complete the whole process application from A to Z. I use my experience of teaching and helping students for the last 12 years at Ransom Everglades preparatory school. I have written recommendation letters for colleges to my students at Ransom Everglades and have proven successful admission. 

2. ​  I help students pick the suitable major for their talent, match the best college or university to their unique profile and effectively polish their message to the universities. I have a deep extended understanding of university and college requirements as I have over a decade of teaching at the university level in South Florida, New York City, and Paris. Within my capacity as a university professor, I have delivered papers at over 30 universities in the US and Europe and I am familiar with universities inside out.

3. I use my training as a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) therapist to help students and families cope with the often stressful process. My ability to tap into my NLP training helps to construct courage and deconstruct fear and anxiety ​that often prevent students from daring to apply to colleges and universities simply for fear of failure. 

4.  In helping your child I use my own experience as a parent going through this process with my own children who graduate from Ransom Everglades.


5. I use my personal experience as I have myself been educated in the highest academic institutions in the world. I hold three post-doctorate degrees from Columbia University, Fordham University, and New York University (NYU). My Ph.D. is from the University of Paris (Sorbonne). 

One of my favorite expressions is "talk the talk walk the walk," I practice my teaching: I am an esteemed published author, essayist, and journalist. You can find my publications in prestigious peer-reviewed and Ivy League-based journals. My publications and presentations include a book, 15+ articles, and book chapters, plus 50+ international academic conference presentations. Published in US and Newspapers. I am a professional public speaker and writer. In the last 25 years, I have given talks on issues related to gender, myths, the culture of inter-cultural enterprises, education and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B).​

We can work together in person or online.




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Gila Aloni
Founder | Creator | Educator

Tel: +1.305.776.5418

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